The Handicraft Section for our August Show gives the opportunity for all ages to showcase there skills in a wide range Handicraft and Cookery Classes


In the Handicraft section there are classes for Knitting, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Silk Flowers and Miscellaneous Craft . The Children’s classes for under 15 year olds in this section include
Scary Monsters, Home made Jewellery , Hand made animal and Miscellaneous Craft


There are various classes in this section for Painting and drawing in any medium oils, watercolour pencil or charcoal there is even a class for Digital Images.
Children’s classes in this section are split into age bands and include many different types of Art skills Paintings. drawings with a wide range of themes.


Ever popular section where it has been known for three generations to compete against each other in some of the cookery classes. Cakes, scones, Parkin, Fruit pies and Bread all appear in the various classes
There are even classes for Preserves and Jams.
For the children here Scones, Rock Buns and Novelty Cakes are the order of the day.
All cookery classes have to follow a detailed recipe which makes the competition really interesting.

Entry Fees for all these classes are only minimal but there are prizes in every class

Along with the prize money this section has the most Cups and Trophies for the various classes

Why not come along to Mott ram Show, bring the family join in the fun bring your Handicraft exhibits enter a class and be proud to win a 1st Rosette for best in show.

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Companion Dog Show


Welcome to our companion Dog Show

This is an ideal opportunity for anyone to enter our Companion Dog Show.

There are around 18 classes for both pedigree and non pedigree dogs.

Approximately 7 classes are for a broad variety of pedigrees along with a further 11 novelty classes such as Best rescue, Prettiest , Friendliest even The dog the Judge would like to take home and Junior Handling aimed specifically at our younger competitors.

  • All classes held under Kennel Club Rules.
  • Minimum age of the dog must be 6 months.
  • Mottram show Rosettes 1st to 3rd in all classes.

No need for advance registration enter on show day from 9.30am judging begins around 11.00am exact details on the schedule.

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Cattle and Sheep


The cattle section has classes for any dairy breeds, calf classes to be shown by a child 13 years of age or under to young heifers and in calf heifers. Beef classes of any native breed, Herefords, Continental’s, Dexters and Commercial beef, group classes and the popular junior stock handler.

The sheep section is one of the largest one day shows in the North West. This year (2017) we are having a larger exhibition area and more parking to accommodate the large number of sheep.

Breeds at the show are Blueface Leicester’s, Mule lamb, Swaldale, Gritstone, Ryeland, Whitefaced Woodland, North Country Cheviot (new in 2016) Any Other Breed, pet lamb and butchers lambs.

There is price money in all classes and £25.00 to each breed champion.

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Horse Competitions


Classes at the show include:

  • Heavy Horses. Including Mobberley Members Foal of the Year.
  • Driving Classes for light horses.
  • Mountain & Moorland Ponies. In hand & under saddle.
  • Ridden Showing. Leading Rein, First Ridden, Ridden horses & ponies.
  • Arab Horses. Pure and part bred.
  • Ridden Hunters. In hand and under saddle.
  • Cobs. In hand and under saddle.
  • Brood Mare, foals and young stock.
  • Veteran horses and ponies. 15 years plus.
  • Spotted and Broken Coloured Horses. Including traditional cobs and Shetland ponies.
  • Jumping and Team Jumping.
  • Best Condition, Bonny pony, Young Handler and Best Turned Out.

Class Prizes

  • Champion Heavy Horse £75-00 plus Mottram Show Annual Cup
  • Reserve Champion Heavy Horse £35-00.
  • Champion Heavy Horse Foal. £50-00 plus Geoff Swann Memorial Cup.
  • Reserve Champion Heavy Horse Foal, £25-00.
  • Supreme Champion Light Horse £50-00 plus trophy.
  • Reserve Supreme Light Horse £25 plus trophy.
  • Rosettes to 6th place in all classes.
  • Cups, trophies and special rosettes.


A championship has been held at the August show for several years now, where the section champions go forward to compete in the supreme championship. The first two competitors in each class will be eligible to go forward to the section championship. We are not holding a supreme championship at Spring.

We are always interested in hearing ideas you may have and any additional classes you would like to see in our schedule.

We need your input so we can consider your ideas, so please get in touch with us.

History of horses at Mottram Show

More than one hundred years ago horses were being exhibited at Mottram Show. In those days no doubt they would be largely work horses which spent their days pulling carts on the farms and delivering goods for businesses in the area. Over the years things have changed, we no longer rely on horse power to work for us, our horses now are for our pleasure but even here things have moved on over the years. Horses which were once the height of fashion are now a rare sight.

Hackneys once proudly trotted round the show ring, their extravagant action and presence delighted the crowd. Ladies hacks were an elegant edition to the schedule, these days competitors are looking for a more all round horse. Mounted games have also lost their attraction as have many of the children’s fun classes, so our schedule is always changing to keep up with current trends.

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Vintage Vehicle and Engines


Our thanks to all those regular exhibitors of tractors, Land-Rovers and stationary engines who have supported us in recent years and have been active in helping us to establish a good display of historic vehicles at our show. Our primary concern is safety and we ask all visitors and exhibitors to keep that in mind and to fully support our Show Safety Officer. A static display will be set up with many examples of interesting exhibits covering the some of the most interesting era of the development of agricultural mechanisation and it is hoped that there may be a parade of historic vehicles in one of the Rings, weather and time permitting.

We always aim to have a member of the group available to answer questions and have a good chat to our visitors about the exhibits and we try to have an information sheet on each exhibit.

There is an entry form available on this web site for anyone who would like to bring their vehicle or machine. We cannot guarantee space availability but we are keen to try to get new exhibitors and a varied range of exhibits as far as space permits so please contact one of the organisers on the form for the latest information if you are interested.

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An exhibition of vegetables, flowers and floral art, with classes for both adults and children to demonstrate how well they can grow and show their own produce.

We all take delight in winning, but it is even more satisfying to proudly say ‘I grew that’ when visitors look around the marquee. You don’t have to win – just take part. Most of us grow something and if it delights you it will please others. Visit our marquee and see what vegetables and flowers can be grown in any garden, admire the art of the flower arrangers, and see what children can create from plants with imagination.

The vegetable section includes classes for Shallots, Turnips, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Potatoes, Courgettes, Tomatoes, Peppers sweet or chilli, Onions, Peas, Beans French and Runner, Marrow and Beetroot.

Cut flowers have classes for Dahlia, Chrysanthemums, Roses, African Marigolds, Pansies, Gladioli and Sweet Peas, or you can enter a mixed bowl of garden flowers; we also have classes for plants in pots from Cactus to Begonia.

Children have their own section and can produce a “Weirdie” made from vegetable and or fruit, a Miniature Garden or for the older children a simple flower arrangement.

We have six classes for Floral Art with titles changing each year and allow for the novice and experienced exhibitor.

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