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An exhibition of vegetables, flowers and floral art, with classes for both adults and children to demonstrate how well they can grow and show their own produce.

We all take delight in winning, but it is even more satisfying to proudly say ‘I grew that’ when visitors look around the marquee. You don’t have to win – just take part. Most of us grow something and if it delights you it will please others. Visit our marquee and see what vegetables and flowers can be grown in any garden, admire the art of the flower arrangers, and see what children can create from plants with imagination.

The vegetable section includes classes for Shallots, Turnips, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Potatoes, Courgettes, Tomatoes, Peppers sweet or chilli, Onions, Peas, Beans French and Runner, Marrow and Beetroot.

Cut flowers have classes for Dahlia, Chrysanthemums, Roses, African Marigolds, Pansies, Gladioli and Sweet Peas, or you can enter a mixed bowl of garden flowers; we also have classes for plants in pots from Cactus to Begonia.

Children have their own section and can produce a “Weirdie” made from vegetable and or fruit, a Miniature Garden or for the older children a simple flower arrangement.

We have six classes for Floral Art with titles changing each year and allow for the novice and experienced exhibitor.

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